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The Whole Earth Catalog's subtitle was "Access to Tools", and it seems appropriate to keep a running list of Access sources.

One that I've found consistently useful and provocative is eHub.

...and here's one that just came up via eHub: Releton facilitates comparison of Google and Yahoo search results via an AJAX-based slider. Given the reliance on search engines that's so much a part of everybody's learning, it's good to have the means to mess with qualitative comparison...

And of course there's the whole question of podcasting (and other -casting things too), and how to implement/integrate. A posting today on stigmergic web is apposite:

...human speech is expressively very powerful. It is the easiest way for the message designer to create mood, to appeal to emotions, to lighten or make more serious the “tone” of a message, to amuse, to sadden, to persuade, to coax, to chide, or to cajole. (quoting William Winn)
Gardner Campbell's Donne a Day series (e.g., Holy Sonnet 18) exemplifies the power, and the glory too.

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