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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 8 months ago

Question is, how easily can you edit/augment the main text?

As for your question ("for a wiki hosting service for much of my work.

Any reccs? Socialtext is tempting."), this is the only wikimplementation

I've played with for editing (except Wikipedia, another whole kettle of

fish...) enough to get to anywhere comfortable with the UI and process.

It LOOKS like you can have 3, count 'em, 3 Spaces, one for each separate

wikiverse I suppose, but that any one Space has lots of space in it --I

think it's 2MB free overall, which is essentially tons of text unless

you want to park images in their space.

The issue seems to me to be: how to architect (yes, a verb...) the

combination of spaces, OurMedia and thisblog and thatglu and thatwebsite

and flickrontheside so that one can havvitall and keep all the pieces

tightly enough joined that a reader can start at any on-ramp to your

stuff and still move smoothly around it? That's the essential problem of

the Lifelong Learner who wants to use Web2x as the platform for

communicating his/her creations and linkups and so on.

Seems like the landscape (of affordances for Web 2x) kaleidoscopes every week or so --only a short

time ago that I hit upon http://www.opmlmanager.com/outliner/oook and

http://oook.suprglu.com and now they're the center of my little


Missing so far (as far as I can see) from schtuff is the version history

that is so enormously interesting in Wikipedia... it would be very nice

to see just who had contributed just what and when as a doc mutated.

Almost makes me wish I had a roomful of captives to put to work...

>>> "Alexander, Bryan" <balexan@middlebury.edu> 11/25/05 1:15 PM >>>

OK, then. I wended (but didn't Wend) my way in and commented away.

Does look like fun.

Original Message

From: Hugh Blackmer mailto:blackmerh@wlu.edu

Sent: Fri 11/25/2005 12:23 PM

To: Alexander, Bryan

Subject: RE: schtuff

I'm not sure how the schtuff permissions thing works, but you probably

have write permission to both docs, since they exist within the same

Space. I'm curious to know if you can create a page/doc in that Space

(seems like you should be able to), and what-all else happens if you

start editing an existing doc. I THINK my RSS feed will tell me when new

content appears. Anyway, it's all an Experiment, right? It's just that

I've never had the possibility of directing/controlling a wiki, and this

looks like it's a chance to try things out.

>>> "Alexander, Bryan" <balexan@middlebury.edu> 11/25/05 12:14 PM >>>

I got two. SHould I pick one or trawl both?

Original Message

From: Hugh Blackmer mailto:blackmerh@wlu.edu

Sent: Fri 11/25/2005 10:34 AM

To: Alexander, Bryan; rbnigh@prodigy.net.mx; John Blackburn

Subject: schtuff

I happened upon this wiki implementation today, thanks to an Alan Levine

del.icio.us/cogdog tag, and it's the first wiki that I've found seemed to suit

my proclivities. Anyhow, I need to try it out as a collaborative space,

and hope you'll be willing to play too. Not sure where this is going...

anyhow, you should get an "invitation" to participate.

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