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old first plunge

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 4 months ago


I'll preserve this page for a while... now it's 2 Jan 2006, and nothing happened from the effort below to entice collaborators. I'm not sure that I know just why, except for the obvious fact that folks are generally already fully committed, and what I was proposing was too nebulous.


I've played with wikis a bit, but never had occasion to carry out a project that was uniquely suited to wikispace --blogs and conventional Web pages have suited most of my purposes pretty well, and I haven't had a collaborative project in mind for which a shared space was the appropriate medium. This attempt is looking for a purpose, and what I'm imagining is something in the overlap of my interests and somebody else's, where it's sensible to try to arrive at some common understanding by back-and-forth editing of a common space/text. It's not like I don't already have plenty of spaces to work in: oook blog is a pretty good vehicle for representing what I find interesting from day to day, and oook's glu adds links to various other enterprises, so this space needs to evolve in some other direction. And of course I'm continuing to use oook.info in a Web1.0 sort of way, building pages in areas of interest with ho-hum HTML. But I'm interested in branching out further, into collaborative spaces, and wiki is the medium of the moment for that activity/experiment. So I need a willing co-conspirator, or maybe several. Just to see what might happen, I've sent invitations to Bryan Alexander, Ron Nigh, Skip Williams and John Blackburn, and I'm hoping that some common purpose might emerge in the overlap of our interests. So what they need to do is add something to this, or otherwise explore some of the functionality of schtuff. Initially I wasn't sure how to link to another 'document' created within schtuff, though it's easy enough to add a conventional hyperlink (like this one to my Nova Scotia Faces project, which has also spawned a wiki). I experimented with the 'doc name' convention: here's an attempt to create a link to a new page on teaching and learning. OK, yeah, that works, and it's handy to know that a doc name can have spaces in it. I did add the RSS feed for this wiki to my aggregator, and it works just fine to do that: the feed will pick up when a doc is edited. the history of doc revisions is available, via the 'Actions' dropdown for each page. Now the issue is how to extract/display the history in a sensible way, like that found for Wikipedia articles.

A couple of hours later, I harvested (via cc:ing to my schtuff email identity) my reply to Bryan's note to me, and for the sake of interest in this early phase of trying schtuff out I'll link it here and maybe be inspired to make some hyperlinked excursions from it.

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