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in process

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 8 months ago

I need a place to cache docs I'm working on but haven't found just where to link yet. The 'in process' moniker is silly, given that it's the nature of a wiki to be always 'in process', but it'll do for the moment.

learning objects is a case in point. My initial thought is that it's a place to collect examples, and to ruminate upon the concept

controversy is another stub, at the moment just a passing thought for further expansion

...and a general problem: what's the best way to get an overall view of a wiki? The business of links that go to just one place is soooo Web1.0; tagging ought to provide some alternatives (but I'm not quite ready to assign tags...); some sort of overview or map of the whole seems called for, but I haven't imagined it yet... there are plenty of precedents, among them this from IBM, and MindMap points to IndexingSchemes...


thinking about wikis

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