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Franklin and Carolyn

Page history last edited by Hugh Blackmer 8 years ago

The challenge: to grasp how these two people
became these two:
cabfhb1968b.jpg (more detail)

Fifty-six years separate those pictures (the first two taken in 1912, when both were in 8th grade); they met in 1923, and married in 1924. Carolyn died in 1972, and Franklin in 1977. I'm the youngest of their four children: Alice (born 1925, died 2010), David (born 1927, died 2002), John (born 1934), and Hugh (born 1943).

We all have parents, and probably we all wonder about their lives, motivations, and thoughts. The distance of a Generation is pretty difficult to bridge, particularly once it's no longer possible to ask direct questions, and exploration of indirect evidence of photographs and letters often raises more questions than it answers. Still, it seems important to try, if only to make better sense of significant vectors in one's own development.

Basic spatiotemporal facts are a starting place. Franklin was born 6 March 1899 and grew up around Boston; Carolyn was born in Chicago on 14 September 1899, and lived there until she went away to school in Urbana Ohio in 1913 (?).

More pictures of Franklin and of Carolyn add complexity.

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