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Page history last edited by Hugh Blackmer 14 years, 2 months ago

[In December 2009 I'm looking at this again, and reflecting on what I might have done in this space and why I didn't. I suppose that it's still worth keeping as a milepost, but I need to think about how to proceed, and I don't see any particular benefit to using the wiki format since it's just me]


It was at the end of November 2005 that I began to explore the possibilities of schtuff [which subsequently became pbwiki] as a platform for various projects. I first tried to interest others in a collaborative wiki, but got no takers. I then developed my Nova Scotia Faces project, with much more success (still a lot more to do with that). Next in the exploration is creating a place to put my own history as a photographer (an identity I've claimed for myself in several epochs --but would scarcely claim at the moment). Betsy and I have many thousands of negatives, some of which really deserve to live and breathe again. It's slow work to digitize them, but I'm quite pleased with some of what I'm finding as I explore the boxes labeled photo. Anyhow, I expect that this will be a long process.


Just to have a place to start, I got a request from Mo Lotman to use some pictures I'd taken in 1964 in a book he's doing on Harvard Square [it's now published, and truly magnificent:

Harvard Square: An Illustrated History Since 1950 ]. That inspired me to fire up the film scanner and unpack some boxes of negatives. Here are some of the results [though they're probably more accessible via the Flickr photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/blackmerh/ ]:

Tony Ferranti


Phil Levine


Ralph Cahaly


Jessie Whitehead


Florence at Bartley's


friends and acquaintances


images awaiting classification


the artist as a young...




signs and graffiti


Another problem for which I need a sensible comprehensive strategy is all the family stuff I'm harboring. Here's an example of the possibilities.

Franklin and Carolyn

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